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Innovators of Indoor Biking

Fresh Educational and Enrichment Solutions for Instructors, Studios, Health Clubs and Individual Members.


About BeatBoss


We are a GAME-CHANGING indoor biking company that provides top-notch instructor certification with continuing education plus instructor coaching. BeatBoss™ is uniquely inspired by THREE biking styles: ROAD, MOUNTAIN & BMX.  BeatBoss™ is a super fun blend of ROAD READY METRICS and riding the beat. We are a PROUD education provider through SCW, ACE, AFAA, and NASM. 



Joella Hopkins​

At EōS Fitness we are fully committed to providing exceptional G-Fit (group fitness) classes with elite instructors and excellent programming. By partnering with Andrea and Robert with BeatBoss, we know we are delivering not only an amazing, safe and effective workout for our members in our cycling classes, but just as importantly they are having a great time in every class. With fantastic music and rhythm based rides, Beat Boss brings the FUN! All are welcome and the environment in class is one where everyone feels welcome and leaves feeling successful! It’s comforting to know we don’t have to worry about safety and quality. Our instructors and members are truly embracing this format. We are very happy with our current relationship, and excited for the future and what’s still to come!

Morgan James, NY

I have been a cycle instructor since August 2019. I have been BeatBoss certified since February 2022. I have 3 cycle certifications. BeatBoss™️ hands down has been the most valuable of the three! I truly never used much of anything from the other two certifications. BeatBoss™️ not only teaches the basics, they really guide you through the whole process and provide ongoing support and continued education. I love it because it does not take away the Free-Style aspect. BeatBoss™️ provides guidance. Most cycle instructors learn the craft by copying drills they have seen other instructors do or finding drills online and then creating their own rides from that. That is ok, but it is quite time consuming and you always have to wonder if some of those drills are proven safe. With BeatBoss™️, they provide an infinite library of drills and upper body add-ons and even recommended music, if you just need something quick in a pinch, or you can always curate your own music to make it personal for you and your members. By using the BeatBoss™️ drills and upper body add-ons I know, without any doubt, that what I am teaching is proven safe and effective. Additionally, if I have questions, concerns, or suggestions, a message to BeatBoss™️ Headquarters almost always gets a reply within just minutes. They also foster strong relationships within the instructor community, both at the gyms that you teach at and worldwide online. I have found some of the best friends of my life within this community! I love it and the members love it! It is a win-win! BeatBoss™️ Rocks!

Carol Wallace

To me BeatBoss™️ has helped me grow in so many facets of my professional life as a cycle instructor and personal trainer. Before becoming a BeatBoss™️ Certified instructor I was your basic cycle instructor. I had been certified in another format and had been teaching cycle for about a year before going through the certification training in BeatBoss™️. The greatest and biggest take away I got initially from doing the certification training is that BeatBoss taught me how to actually teach a fun, purposeful, engaging cycle class that members love every time they attend my classes. The most asked question I hear from new cycle instructors starting out is how do I put a class together. BeatBoss™️ will lead you step by step to format a class you’ll be proud to teach. Andrea Austin and Robert Bennett Leadley were the presenters at my training and are the best Master Instructors, in my opinion, in the cycle fitness industry today. My training did not end after my certification weekend with them. They stay well connected with all of the instructors that go through the training afterwards. They have been available to me since my certification, in 2019, for any question I have ever had about cycling in general and BeatBoss™️. Recently, I have been teaching BeatBoss™️ classes at a high-end fitness community in Arizona. Almost every day I hear comments like, “that was a fun class”, “that class was not like any other classes I’ve done and I love it”. The comment I hear the most is “thank you for making cycle fun and the time fly”. Being a BeatBoss™️ cycle instructor has also lended itself to helping me build a solid client base as a personal trainer. I am a retired physical education teacher and feel like I have started a second career here. BeatBoss™️ has helped me find my niche in fitness and purpose in my next chapter professionally.

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